About Little Monkee Moos

Little Monkee Moos (LMM's), began in 2011 and back then was a business painting Murals throughout children's hospitals, schools, nursing homes and children's rooms.

I am a qualified Interior Decorator and Designer, but in mid 2015 LMM's changed direction and collaborated my love for Art and design with my passion for animals, education and language/speech skills to develop bright unique learning tools.

LMM's products are available to be shipped across the globe and our unique style and approach to designing fun educational resources such as flashcards and books, prints etc will ensure that your child’s learning is fun and interactive.

At Little Monkee Moo’s we value the animal kingdom and find animals to be a great way to captivate young minds, particularly when paired with beautiful hand painted designs.

Not only do our products teach the fundamentals of learning but they also educate children about our precious animals.

We pride ourselves on only sourcing environmentally friendly and sustainable materials for our designed products. We also only use Australian businesses in the making of our products. This way we can guarantee high quality items, produced by businesses that have the same values regarding minimising our impact on the environment as we do and who provide quality working conditions for their employees. This means some of our own designed products may be slightly more costly than our competitors but we and our loyal customers believe that Australian made and high quality, sustainable products are important for our children’s future.

We are proud to be a 'must watch' upcoming educational resource business as we continue to grow our product line to fit in with demand and the current curriculum in school.

Ljae Elwell – Director & Designer

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