About Little Monkee Moos

I am a qualified Interior Decorator and Designer, but in mid 2015 LMM's changed direction and collaborated my love for Art and design with my passion for animals, education and language/speech skills to develop bright unique learning tools. 

LMM's products unique learning flashcards were developed and became a popular educational resource for many families and schools, as did our beautiful prints of animals for children and adults alike.

Whilst I was working on developing these products, I was also (by request) running small art classes for children and doing commission Art pieces such as Pet Portraits.

Over time it became apparent to me that this is where my passion lay. Teaching children and working closely with clients 1:1, developing original pieces of art. So, I decided to pursue these two loves and opened an Art School and Design Studio, which now has grown into one of the only children and teen Art Schools in NSW.

Many of our students have won many competitions across the state and all work towards the Young Archie’s each year (with the option to enter their piece if only they choose to).

I still create commission pieces such as logos and many many pet portraits and always study new art skills for myself. I will continue to do so for many years.

My goal is to not only teach children the wonderful world of art but to also encourage their parents to embrace their child’s artistic talents and to understand that beyond school there are many career paths that will support their child’s creativity. That art is no longer a hobby but in this current world we live in, artistic talent and skill is in much demand for many roles from technical, digital to freehand.

Ljae Elwell – Director & Designer

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