Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, unless previously notified

Students can access studio 5mins before class only (with exception to those who are catching public transport without an adult and we have been notified in advance)

Yes, for our ongoing courses.

Our terms run concurrently with NSW Public School terms and costs are the same each term regardless of public holidays or length of term

Yes, if spaces permit

No, there is no credit, refund or transfer (in extreme cases transfer is allowed at our discretion only)

Yes, one free trial class before committing is permitted

Yes, if spaces permit

At Little Monkee Moo’s, we teach students a variety of skills form basic foundation to complex skills. We cover a variety of mediums, techniques and a number of art genres. We pride ourselves on encouraging students to develop their own style and while we explore and work with most mediums, we embrace student’s passion for working with a specific medium and will assist them in growing their skill level in their chosen one.


Yes, we provide fun filled holiday programmes

Payments are made online when booking into a class

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer this service due to lack of payments being made in the past. We may offer a direct debit in the future

Unfortunately, as we have waitlists for our classes, we can no longer hold spaces unless full term payment is made at time of booking (in some cases we can consider discount at our discretion).

Timetables can be found on web site under Art Classes and Workshop tabs

Via email contact form on website or via messenger on facebook page ‘Little Monkee Moos’, remember that monkEE has two ‘E’s and no ‘Y’

We have a number of classes during week so students are welcome to do ‘make up’ classes



We do not offer refund or credit. A payment can be transferred to another workshop ONLY IF that workshop is within a two-week period from original workshop. We do allow transfer to another person to take your place but please contact us with student’s details

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